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 Welcome to Phone City, best cell phone repair near you located at Silver hill road, District Heights, MD 20747, your leading provider of cell phone repair services and cell phone accessories in District Heights, MD and all the neighboring areas such as Temple Hills, Hillcrest Heights, Capitol Heights, Suitland-silver hill, forestville and Clinton. We repair all kinds of phones including smartphones, tablets, feature phones and Laptop. We also repair all phone models including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Sony, and many others. 

We repair and replace cracked and broken screens, phone cases, phone speakers, phone charging port, ROM and RAM chips and many other phone parts. We also address software and electronic issues such as removing malware, reinstalling software and fixing phones that won’t power on, to name but a few problems. If you have searched for a shop that provides phone repair services using phrases such as ‘iPhone screen fix’ or ‘I need to upgrade my smartphone software’, then you should visit Phone City. 

We also stock different phone parts and accessories. Such items include batteries, Bluetooth devices, phone cases, screens, USB cables, SD cards, phone keypads, chargers, screen protectors, Charging port and others. 

In addition to addressing phone-related problems, we also provide repair services for laptops. We repair laptops of different brands including Samsung, Apple, Acer, Sony, Dell, HP and many others. We also provide different replacement parts for these laptops. If you want to replace a laptop screen or to buy a replacement battery for your laptop, Phone City is the store that you need to visit. 

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