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Do you have a faulty laptop, smartphone or tablet? Have you attempted to look for a company that can help you with iPad tablet and laptop repair? Did you know that you can find such a company near you? Yes, if you live in Clinton, MD or any of the places that are close by, you can have any laptop or phone defect resolved by Phone City. We specialize in the repair of all kinds of phones and laptops. We repair all leading brands of laptops and tablets including, iPad, Samsung, Acer, HTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Dell, Huawei, HP, and Motorola to name but a few. 

In addition to repairing all kinds of phones and laptops, we also supply accessories and replacement components for these devices. Some of the items that we have in stock include replacement batteries for phone and laptops, phone cases, LCD screens, screen protectors, Bluetooth speakers and headsets, SD cards, RAM and ROM chips for phones and laptops, USB cables and keypads among others. The fact that we provide all accessories and replacement components for laptops and tablets benefits our customers in two key ways. The first one is that when you come for iPad tablet and laptop repair at our shop, we can easily use the various components that we have in case any replacement of parts is necessary. Hence, you will not experience any delays. Second, if you need any accessories or laptop and phone parts, you can choose from the wide variety of items that we have in stock.

We have served people in Joint Base Andrew and other places such as Largo, Capitol Heights and Campspring for many years now. We endeavor to continue working closely with our customers by providing the services they need in the most dependable way.

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