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The phone charging port is an important component of your phone. Having a faulty charging port means that you will not be able to charge your phone. In turn, this implies that you will not be able to use your phone in case you are not able to char the phone’s battery elsewhere, for instance using a universal cell phone charger . 

When your phone’s charging port is faulty, you may be completely unable to charge the phone. In some cases, you may be able to charge the phone for a short time only. As well, the charging pin may not fit properly into the charging port. Or the phone may indicate that the battery is fully charged when you insert the charging pin, only for the charge to last just a few minutes. If you encounter any of these problems, it is time for you to look for someone to help you with the phone charging port repair service.

If you are in Washington, DC or any of the places that are within the vicinity such as Capitol Hill, DC, Temple Hill, MD and Oxon Hill MD, finding a company that provides reliable phone charging port repair services is not difficult. With Phone City, you can have your faulty phone charging port repaired on the spot. We are a company that focuses on providing excellent phone repair services in the shortest possible time to enable our customers to resume their normal operations with their phones as quickly as possible. 

If your phone has a charging port problem and you are in Washington DC or any of the adjacent places, please bring it to Phone City and wait for a few minutes to have it fixed. If you prefer to leave the phone with us, you can do so and collect it later at your own preferred time. 

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